Why you should invest in a beverage company!


♦ The top two performing NASDAQ stocks 2001 – 2016 were beverages, Monster and Keurig/Green Mountain.

♦ Historically high M&A activity for healthy and organic food and beverage companies in the U.S.



Regulation D 506(c) – accredited investors only – Min. investment $7,500.
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Our Story


Baqua inspiration first began on an international journey when Sandra Marlowe, Founder / CEO, tasted Lemon Barley Water. Sandra fell in love with the rich history and nutritional value Ancient Grains deliver. Ancient grain drinks date back to the Ancient Greeks who consumed Barley Water during sacred ceremonies as a source of energy.

Today, Baqua is on the forefront of the plant based movement with three registered trademarks, 5 flavors sold nationwide, and an innovative product launch roadmap forthcoming. Baqua proudly stands as the first manufacturer in the U.S. market to offer an organic, ancient grain infused, prebiotic beverage. Because our mission is to stay one step ahead of the curve, our focus is to open new possibilities in the plant based, ancient grain market – a children’s line, a Hemp blend, and a Chia blend. We are dedicated to redefine the standards for delicious and healthy drinks.

Baqua, a Kentucky Proud Product, is sold on Amazon Prime, and delivered throughout Kentucky by Fishmarket and Town and Country distributors. Baqua is available for purchase in Louisville at Lucky’s Market and Prospect Kroger. Lexington locations include Lucky’s Market, Euclid Kroger, Good Foods Co-op, Sunrise Bakery,and Alfalfa’s Restaurant. Baqua is in planning stages with several other Kentucky-based retailers.