Help us skyrocket startups, jobs, and wealth!

“Tech-savvy businesses and industries will lead to a ‘Rise of the Rest,’ in which places outside of Silicon Valley and Boston will flourish. About 75 percent of all venture capital spent last year poured into three states, New York, California and Massachusetts, but that’s because of ‘laziness’ of investors to find promising innovations elsewhere.  There will be a relative change in balance!” – Steve Case

Metro Startup Launcher Has 3 Goals:

1. Make it easier for the best startups to raise capital.

2. Make it easier to invest in fast growth startups.

3. Increase jobs and wealth with more startups.

Why will this skyrocket our startups, jobs, and wealth?


Startups average 3 million new jobs per year nationally.

The Rise of the Rest is happening in the Midwest!

Existing companies produce NET ZERO new jobs each year.

Angel investors average 27% annual return on investment!

With changes in SEC law, anyone can now invest in startups.

Investors + Startups =
Jobs & Wealth!